March 5, 2015

About the Author, the Culture Zone and the Nazareth Project

Welcome to the Culture Zone.

Greetings.. my name is Michael O Harrington and I grateful to meet you on these pages of the Culture Zone and the Nazareth Project.

I’m currently serving as the Animating Director of this unique community of social action and faith. While we come from, and espouse, diverse beliefs we make a common stand in the Culture Zone.

The Culture Zone is a gathering place for social comment relating to our behavior and beliefs. We will hopefully teach and be teachable – as we engage the institutions that will affect us into the 21st Century.

This website is a post post-modern shelter-in-the-storm of – ambiguity toward the human condition. We are distinguished by our unwavering stand for the poor and marginalized of our world. Care for the “other” is a sacrament in the Culture Zone.

Calling upon the legacy-leaders [1] among us – to lovingly pass-forward [2] their wisdom and treasure to this first-generation of the 21st Century [3] – we stand as these young people’s loyal advocates.

The Culture Zone will be steadfast in reminding this present generation of the legacy and grace they have received by the selfless acts of the innumerable spiritual-grandparents [4] who took their stand and have walked the path of peace-making throughout our human struggle.      

Along the way we will be actively searching for the new agents of change who have a vision for their future, or are already purposefully involved in revolutionizing this present day with hope.

At the same time we will be in our own quest to create hope-partnerships [5] with other transformation communities – forming lasting collaborative-missions [6] –for the sake of our children’s children’s children.

The Nazareth Project is the product of the Culture Zone’s human work and thought. This human product is not a commodity. The product of the Nazareth Project is the transformational act of servant-leadership [7].

The transformational act of servant-leadership [7] is the gift received from our legacy-leaders [1] to be gracefully passed-forward [2] to the new agents of change.


Welcome to the Culture Zone.

Welcome to existence.

Peace to You..

Michael O Harrington